Mural for RBF

Mural for the Ryan Beye Foundation in Kanas City, MO.

1 of 4 murals done for the Ryan Beye Foundation. I have the privelage of  being the Art Director for the Ryan Beye Foundation (RBF). In that role it is my duty to curate 4-6`x12` mural installations, beginning to end. This was my contribution to the very first exhibition. All spray paint & sun.
Unveiling of murals at C4 Fest:
About RBF:
Founded in December of 2012, the Ryan Beye Foundation was formed in honor of the late Ryan Nathaniel Beye, who lived his life with a clear vision of interconnected and self-sustaining community. The Foundation seeks to carry out Ryan's vision by supporting local artists and innovators, lending a helping hand to the marginalized, and inspiring communication, collaboration, commemoration and celebration among the people of Kansas City.
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